The Quest - Assets

I was contracted to do some assets for Ablevfx ( for TNT's Quest. Now that they've been aired, I've been given permission to show some of the behind the scenes!
Able did the bulk of the work, and did a fantastic job, I just provided some models and textures to fill in the blanks!

You can watch the spots here:

Chris x able2

I used marmoset viewer to quickly get feedback on scenes and assets. The turnaround for this cave was fairly fast; taking long weekend to develop from scratch.

Chris x able3

While these are realtime renders, I baked out 8k texture maps for different chunks of the scene to get the clarity we wanted.

Chris x able1

The final shot removed the Rocket's face.

Chris x able4

The objects needed to be set up for Lightwave, so zBrush models were exported for use with displacement maps. Modeling was done in zbrush, and texturing was done in Substance